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More about watermelon seed oil

The seeds of the watermelon fruit make the light oil you’ve been searching for.  Watermelon seed oil is ultra light in texture.  It lightly coats hair to soften, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage. Even though it is a very moisturizing oil, it is non-greasy and doesn’t weigh down hair.  This makes it ideal for daily conditioning needs.   

In addition to softening and moisturizing skin and scalp, watermelon seed oil has some unique properties. It can be used for all skin and scalp types, and this includes acne prone and oily skin.  This oil is non-comedogenic and non-occlusive, meaning it won't clog pores and allows skin to naturally eliminate toxins. The benefits of watermelon seed oil go even further, as it balances the oil that skin produces and actually dissolves sebum buildup. 

If your hair readily gets oily between washes, try incorporating watermelon seed oil into your conditioner. Since it does not accumulate on the scalp and helps to dissolve buildup, you can rotate watermelon seed oil in your daily products between your deep conditioning or oil treatments.

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