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This African butter has been used for thousands of years for skin and haircare. It has been used traditionally to protect hair and skin against the natural elements of sun, heat, and dry winds.  This is a custom for a reason- shea is a luxurious moisturizer fantastic for dry and fragile hair. It coats hair to give protection to parched or damaged strands.  Shea butter helps to restore scalp and hair follicles. It does this by promoting proliferation of follicular cells and promoting accelerated growth of health hair. 

It is very rich and ideal for those with dry hair who may like it for routine and deep conditioning.  Since it can feel greasy, those with oily hair may prefer it for only occasional intense treatments. 

Shea is similarly a powerhouse for skincare. It has customarily been used as a “belly butter” to prevent stretch marks- and this may be due to its anti-elastase characteristics and allantoin, which stimulates growth of healthy tissue.  Shea contains unsaponifiable fats that stimulate skin and help in production of collagen for youthful skin. It also helps with skin cracks and crevices as well as giving relief from skin rashes and irritations.  While not a substitute for sunscreen, shea butter does offer some protection from UV rays. 

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