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Alyssa Nicole loved her natural hair. She kept her hair in a natural state from before it became popular.  While she adored her hair getting it to look and feel healthy wasn’t easy. What frustrated her were the two hour detangling sessions and being late to events because she got stuck doing her hair.  She tried so many different products to achieve manageable moisturized hair - from salon exclusives to the cheapies and all the ones raved about online. She was left with a cupboard of bottles filled with broken promises. They weren’t right for HER hair.


Tired hair that always felt dry and crisp, she started doctoring commercial conditioners with oils she knew her hair loved. She was onto something.  Then with her science background she started to learn how to make her own products from scratch. As she perfected her formulas, her hair flourished, becoming soft and healthy.  Detangling was no longer a dirty word and she looked forward to wash day. 

After over a decade of making hair care products for herself, and earning a certification in natural and organic cosmetic science, she decided to make a platform for other people to make custom products with amazing ingredients that their hair loves. Niko and I was born to give you the freedom to chose what goes in your products because your hair care should be as unique as you are. 

Niko & I
Alyssa Nicole
Niko & I
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