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More about mango butter

Mango provides the luxury and nutrients that plant butters are known for but without the greasy feel.  It allows your conditioner to be full bodied and rich but keeping it light and touchable.  

This butter can condition dry hair and help it to retain moisture.  It acts to restore damaged cuticles and leaves hair shiny but not oily.  Mango butter is a good choice for oily hair because it’s balanced by tannins to limit greasy feels. It can be used for daily conditioning needs for all hair types and for intense conditioning and hot oil treatments for those with oily hair. 

It is particularly beneficial for very dry skin and scalp. Mango butters anti-inflammatory and cellular rejuvenation properties can help to stave off scalp itching and irritation. It is also an excellent skin softener.  It absorbs into skin relatively faster than other butters and leaves skin feeling dry but moisturized. Mango butter offers protection from UV rays, although it is not a substitute for sunscreen. 

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