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Coconut oil is a true powerhouse that is great for both healthy and damaged or chemically treated hair. This oil if one of a select few that has unique fatty acid called lauric acid that is known to penetrate the hair and moisturize it from within.  

Use it pre wash

Coconut oil works to prevent water from entering the hair shaft. Why is that important? When too much water enters the hair shaft it can cause swelling and chipping off of the hair cuticle and weakening certain hair types.  Coconut oil prevents protein loss from hair and therefore can help prevent breakage. Use coconut oil before shampooing like in a pre-wash conditioner. 

Use it post wash

After washing, coconut oil still has more to offer.  By entering the hair, coconut oil is able to moisturize from within. The result is hair that stays softer and manageable longer.  It also helps to prevent protein loss (breakage) from combing and styling. It can also give your hair great sheen.

Ready to try it?

Start crafting with coconut oil. Try it in your own Conditioner Bar today!

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