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Calendula extracts are used for healing and soothing benefits, similar to aloe vera. This extract has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiinflammatory properties.  Thanks to its rich nutrients and mild astringent qualities, this botanical helps to soothe irritated skin and gain relief from scalp disorders that can cause hair thinning. Calendula and can rejuvenates and hydrates skin cells particularly during the winter season.  It is also noted to increase blood circulation to your scalp. 

In addition to being so scalp friendly, calendula is also great for hair. Its saponins, which are soap-like phytochemicals, help with cleansing your hair and scalp.  As a moisturizer it can also soften and repair dry hair. Calendula also creates mucilage, also like natural plant gel, that can smooth, detangle and increase slip. 

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