How to use a conditioner bar on natural hair

We know you’re excited to use your custom conditioner bar.  Niko & I creates highly concentrated beauty bars that are bursting with the custom butters and oils your hair loves.  It’s time to get the most luxurious experience from your bar.

Conditioner bars are different than liquid conditioners 

You don’t need to use as much as you think

If you’re used to using heaps of liquid conditioner, remember that those are largely water.  Your conditioner bar is water-free and just has the softening, moisturizing, detangling, hydrating ingredients you really want.  Since they are highly concentrated, a light coating on each strand goes a long way.  Plus you always have the option to add more if you need to.

Conditioner bars don’t lather

They don’t soap style suds and that’s normal.  If you wet your bar and run it between your hands you’ll start to pick up a light coating or a creamy paste.  When you rub it on your wet hair, it should feel soft, silky and slippery.

Our conditioner bars are water activated 

Adding water allows the hair loving ingredients to actually reach your hair and start to work.  You can do this by spritzing your hair with water, wetting your bar, hoping in the shower, or sitting under your steamer.  Combining these methods will really activate your bar and heighten your conditioner experience. 


Here are the 5 easy steps to follow when using your conditioner bar after washing 

  1. Wet your hair and conditioner bar
  2. Glide the conditioner bar down your hair towards the ends. You can also rub the conditioner bar between your hands to pick up some conditioner and then run your hands over and through your hair.  
  3. Squeeze your hair or run your fingers through your hair to distribute the conditioner. If you usually wash your hair in big twists or braids, you may need to undo them to better distribute the conditioner. If you like to shower detangle, now is the perfect time.
  4. Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 3-5 minutes depending on how much conditioning you need
  5. Rinse your hair with water. 

It’s that easy.  We at Niko & I hope that these tips will help as you transition to using your custom conditioner bar.  We have even more haircare tips for you. Find out how to turn your conditioner bar into a deep conditioner.  Happy hair days await you. 

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